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And even if they did resurrect Tatu, the lesbian act would not be on the menu. She did not make the diagnosis public, so everyone assumed that Yulia had become hoarse from cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. They smoked a shit load of pot before plowing through a half hours worth of ambient sludge. Her self-titled debut album dailymotion hot released in and became an underground hit.

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The lesbian band

What became of Tatu - the infamous teenage 'lesbian' band?

The doctors said that the damaged vocal chords could not be repaired. In the end, it was possible only in Korea. This continued untilwhen she found out that she had thyroid cancer and needed surgery. You can probably see these guys playing around town for like, five bucks, and you should.

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Dec 25 See above. Her self-titled debut album was released in and became an underground hit.

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The lesbian band

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